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Consistent workouts, coupled with a balanced, nutritious diet and a deep healthy sleep act as the foundation for good fitness, but many athletes, weightlifters, and gym lovers often turn to supplements to give them extra edge to expedite their performance and body composition goals. A topic we are most excited about (and for obvious reasons) are SARMs. SARMs are a little bit of an underdog in the supplement scene, but very much becoming a popularity among the rest. Why?! Because they deliver results, and fast. We live in a fast-paced world, filled with instant gratification. We all know how much dedication and discipline it takes it is to put on a few KG’s of muscle or visa versa, drop a few KG’s of body fat. So, what...

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Excitingly over the last 20 years or so, there has been a massive development and a new classification of PEDs has arisen. Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMSs- are a collection of compounds that are turning the bodybuilding industry on its head.  The current research on SARMs is promising as they do have similar fat burning and muscle gain potential as steroids. However there are very minimal side effects. This is very good news; as no one wants their testicles to shrink, liver destroying, man boobs or to look like a bearded lady! Basically SARMs target the various anabolic hormones that boost muscle growth and burn fat. Manipulating any hormone can be risky to both your short and long term health. Therefore the...

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Summer has finally arrived! We, at ElitesSupp would like to give you tips on how to stay in shape and still enjoy the food and drinks summer has to offer.  Over the winter season, we have accumulated enough insulation to keep ourselves warm and cozy.  However, hibernation is over, and it is time to take out those swimmers and bikini tops that have been hiding all winter season long.  Let’s get to it! We will be talking about Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting to amplify your results with Elite Sarms products.  What is Carb Cycling? Carb Cycling is a dietary approach in which you alternate carbohydrate intake from high to low and low to high. Complex carbohydrates are a high-quality source of...

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