Excitingly over the last 20 years or so, there has been a massive development and a new classification of PEDs has arisen. Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMSs- are a collection of compounds that are turning the bodybuilding industry on its head.  The current research on SARMs is promising as they do have similar fat burning and muscle gain potential as steroids. However there are very minimal side effects. This is very good news; as no one wants their testicles to shrink, liver destroying, man boobs or to look like a bearded lady!

Basically SARMs target the various anabolic hormones that boost muscle growth and burn fat. Manipulating any hormone can be risky to both your short and long term health. Therefore the aim of this article is for you to make an informed choice about the potential usage of SARMs. Let’s move on…


Believe or not SARMs were first introduced in the 1940s. They were a multi-purpose medicine that was used to treat diseases such as hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, cancer and other conditions that are related to muscle and bone deterioration. This type of SARMs (steroid based) had a big impact on muscle growth because of its high affinity within the cell’s receptors and chemical pathways (I will explain in more detail as we move through the article).

Nevertheless, SARMs (steroid based) did have some side effects attached to them and these included the following:

  • An increase in estrogen levels leading to man boobs (gynecologist)
  • A decreased in erectile function, libido and sex drive
  • Liver and kidney tissue damage
  • An enlarged prostate and muscle around the heart (cardiac muscle).